Karen Whiteley & Josephine Cottrell

Karen Whiteley, Founder & Josephine Cottrell, Art Director

Maud & Mabel

Championed by

Tulip Siddiq MP for Hampstead and Kilburn

Following her work as a stylist alongside pioneering Fashion photographer Sam Haskins at his Kings Road Studio, Karen Whiteley assisted Pan Henry at the Casson Gallery in the early 80s. On a trip to Japan, she fell in love with its art, and, bringing together her passion for ceramics and appreciation for its culture, she founded Maud & Mabel in 2012 as a considered and curated retail space with a focus on contemporary ceramics. Josephine joined Maud & Mabel in 2016. 

Combining her background in the arts and interest in curation, with a passion for international cultures and traditions, she helped expand Maud & Mabel’s roster of artists and develop its artistic direction. 

In 2017, Maud & Mabel rebranded as a gallery space embracing contemporary works of art but with its focus remaining steadfastly on traditional craftsmanship in every guise, from ceramics and wood to glass, textiles, and precious metals and stones. 

The gallery continues to seek new and emerging talents to show alongside internationally famous artists. Since its establishment, the gallery has built relationships with over 90 international artists, and presents exhibitions, collaborations and collections that, with a unique perspective, bring together works and artists from all corners of the world.