Kelli Aspland & Laura Waters

Kelli Aspland & Laura Waters,

Co-founders, Solar Buddies

Championed by

The Rt Hon Nick Thomas-Symonds MP for Torfaen

Kelli Aspland and Laura Waters are the pioneering entrepreneurs behind Solar Buddies, the world’s first sunscreen applicator. 

While juggling the demands of motherhood in 2011, Kelli and Laura struggled to find an easy way for their young children to apply sunscreen at school. 

The Solar Buddies applicator is unique because it has been designed specifically for use by children. 

A refillable applicator that allows you to use a sunscreen of your choice. They invented it because their children’s school, like most others,  had a no-touch policy. 

Having appeared on Dragons Den they have revolutionized sun safety with their innovative Solar Buddies sunscreen applicator, proving that entrepreneurial dreams can shine brilliantly.