Michela Iona Wilson & Lois Wilson   

Michela Iona Wilson - Nickie Aiken MP - Lois Wilson

Michela Iona Wilson & Lois Wilson   Founders Saint Aymes

Championed by 

Nickie Aiken MP for  Cities of London & Westminster

Having always had a passion for the creative freedom of working for themselves in 2015 the two sisters decided to combine their efforts to forge a business together.

Luxury chocolate brand Saint Aymes was born, their strategy was to observe the greatest the industry had to offer, quality ingredients, and then add more- luxury packaging, a brand, 24 ct edible gold creating edible art chocolates with a unique design and a story.

The chocolates were first stocked in Selfridges Harvey Nichols and Fenwick. Following the chocolates the sisters opened the Saint Aymes café in Conaught village which they have now turned into a unique events venue.