Sarah Seaman

Clive Betts MP & Sarah Seaman

Sarah Seaman Founder The Muddy Puddle Teacher 

Championed by 

Clive Betts MP for Sheffield South East 

 Sarah had been a classroom teacher for almost 11 years before she decided to set up The Muddy Puddle Teacher in 2018. Passionate about outdoor learning Sarah was known by colleagues as the ‘outdoor princess’. As a child not knowing she was dyslexic going outside was her haven where she could express herself and feel free and creative spending time in nature.

This inspired Sarah to create the Muddy Puddle teaching method to support vulnerable learners better. Including children who struggle to meet average age expectations, neurodivergent children and those with varying learner types who typically do not flourish from an indoor environment.

The approach is worksheet-free, book free and uses active, playful methods to engage children in academic areas of learning providing accredited CPD online training on outdoor learning. With over 600+ resources including worksheets, lesson plans and schemes of work there are 16000 active subscribers on the website. 

In just over two years Muddy Puddle has trained over 70 schools. Sarah has also just published The Muddy Puddle Teacher book with Bloomsbury Publishing.