Shynara Bakisheva   

Shynara Bakisheva (left) and Chi Onwurah MP

Shynara Bakisheva Founder The Fab Bakery 

Championed by 

Chi Onwurah MP  Newcastle upon Tyne Central

Shynara is Kazahk and started off her working life as an interpreter for an oil and gas company. she met her English husband Russel and relocated to the UK. With a passion for baking and frustrated at the bread available locally  Shynara trained at the School of Artisan Food on a 10-month course gaining an Advanced Diploma in Bread Making.

After working in a couple of bakeries she decided to set up on her own and began by supplying her bread for wholesale and featuring at local markets. Specialising in sourdough breads, baguettes and other breads from around the world Shynara soon gained a reputation and decided to launch on her own when a vacant unit became available. Fresh Artisan Bread Ltd. FAB Bakery was born.